box and circle pattern ascot
This vintage ascot/scarf can be worn by either sex.
There is no label, so it can be worn on either side.
The back area has 4 overlapping fabric rows on one side and 3 wide and 1 thin overlapping rows on the other side.
The end side pieces look like very wide ties.
It has an offwhite background with a box within a circle within a box pattern in white, pale cantaloupe, blue, and brown with little black outlined boxes within the rows.
It feels like silk or a very nice polyester.
The side with the 3 wide rows has a tiny dark age spot near the left seam, 1 3/4" upward from the center point.
It's from a former actor.
50" long by 5 5/8" at its widest
back pleated area 12" long by 2 1/2" wide at center
Item # 4813163
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