silver sequined two-piece outfit, size XS
This two-piece sequined outfit was originally purchased in 1992.
It has a medium gray stretchable knit background.
The silver-tone sequins were sewn so that the gray base shows, even if the fabric is not stretched.
You can wear the pieces separately or together.
If worn together, you can wear the skirt low to show your midriff or if you're shorter, then you can wear the pieces close together so that they give the appearance of being one piece.
It's from Eden's collection.
top to bottom 10 3/4"
side to side 11 3/4" (unstretched)
22 1/2" waist
27" hips (unstretched)
top to bottom 18 1/4"
bottom side to side 14"
Item # 4371630
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