grayish-blue and blue stripes flip-flop socks, 25-27 cm (size 7 - 9 1/2)
grayish-blue and blue stripes flip-flop socks, 25-27 cm (size 7 - 9 1/2)
These never-worn stretchable socks can be worn with flip-flops (also known as thongs).
There is a division between the big toe and the other four toes, which makes them perfect to wear with your flip-flop sandals.
They're in a grayish-cerulean blue in wide vertical stripes alternating with thin light blue vertical stripes.
The top 3/4" wide opening and toe areas are in a grayish blue-green.
The solid large back area is in a gray-blue.
They're a cotton, polyester, and polyamide blend.
So if you like wearing your flip-flops in cooler weather but haven't because your feet get cold, you can wear these socks with them.
Also, if the center strap of the flip-flop (thong) rubs between your toes, the socks should take care of the problem.
It's best to handwash them in cold water.
If machine washed in cold water, the colors will fade a little.
The size isn't exact.
The socks can be stretched and if the sock size is too big, the sock heel will be in the wrong place.
The top back heel seam to the top of the foot opening is approximately 3 1/2".
12" open end to end of big toe (unstretched)
3 1/4" wide
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