Ella purse
This vintage plastic clutch was made in Firenze (Florence), Italy.
It has a lucite/plastic upper rim and closure in a raspberry-guava color.
There is accent cording around the edges (with some age cracking on the cording).
The exterior has a light cream background with floral designs in seafoam, icy pink, lavender, brown, yellow-green, gray, and light apricot.
It has a white vinyl lining.
It does have some makeup stains on the lining.
There is a tiny thin strip of metal on the front and back which is actually an accent piece.
On the left hand side near the bottom is an oval, gold-tone and vanilla colored metal tag which says Ella Firenze.
A Miami model got it from her grandmother.
7 1/2" high by 12 1/4" at its widest
Item # 2540176
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