Alla purse
This clutch purse is a vintage Alla and was made in Firenze, Italy.
It has a shiny black plastic lining.
The top rim, upper sides, and closure are in a multicolored cream, yellowish-bone, light gray, and white lucite (hard plastic).
On one interior side of the lucite in elevated letters is REGHI ITALY and on the other in elevated letters is PATENT 21963.
The exterior fabric feels like velvet and has a black background with flowers and leaves in olive, offwhite, light gray, red, and pumpkin.
It can be worn from daytime into evening.
The one top side doesn't fit as tightly as the other.
The top does make a "clicking" catch sound when you close it.
It's from an Italian model who got it from her aunt, who was also a model.
6 3/4" high by 8 3/4" at its widest
Item # 2536315
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