Ande purse
This vintage orange-red purse has an interesting squiggle loop 34" chain.
There's stitching along the border and a decorative partial front flap.
The lining is a thick beige fabric, and has some ink and other marks on it.
The open interior pocket is lined in black.
The chain has left oxidation marks on the inner flap.
You can tuck in the chain and carry it as a clutch.
It has a snap closure under the front flap.
There is a scrape mark toward the center about 2" from the top, but if you're holding it as a clutch or wearing it on your shoulder it's covered.
The model who owned this purse was in a hurry to catch a plane, packed quickly, and found when she unpacked that her sandals were on top of her purse and it was scraped.
She still wore the purse for several more years.
8 1/4" high by 12" at its widest
Item # 2536117
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