butterfly and flower purple-lilac purse
This (feels like satin) purse is in a light purple-lilac color and has two purple cord 12" long handles which are attached together in the center.
The front and back have the same design pattern - an embroidered butterfly, flower, buds, and leaves in light and dark yellow, black, light and dark green, white, pinks, and red.
It has a thin strip of fabric on the top with an ivory colored plastic cone-shaped closure which fits into a little fabric loop.
Slide it out and the purse opens.
One side has a full mirror and the other side has a little white fabric 1/2 pocket.
It doesn't hold much, but it is cute.
The lower front and back and the sides have some snags, but we don't think they detract from its appearance.
It's from a Miami model.
4 1/8" high by 5 15/16" wide
Item # 2518080
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