Venice scene purse
This vintage handmade leather purse was purchased in Venice, Italy in 1984.
It's in a camel color leather with hand tooling on the front side.
The lower front has a side to side zippered compartment and the upper section has an envelope styled pocket.
The upper section has the Bridge of Sighs, a gondola and gondolier, buildings, birds, water, and the word Venezia in elevated leather.
The lower portion has elevated diamond shapes, traingles, water, and a gondola and gondolier.
The brown snap has some color missing.
It has a thin 30 3/4" long shoulder strap.
The soft leather has some scuff marks.
It's from Eden's collection.
She got it when she was a little girl on her first trip to Venice.
7 7/16" high by 5 1/2" at its widest
Item # 2509328
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