black, red, yellow, white and blue poncho
This worn only once (besides for these pictures) knit poncho is in black, red, yellow, white, and blue.
It has a black high neck which crosses over in the front.
It has a black 4" fringe along each side and bottom.
The side bottom edges are rounded and then the bottoms are straight across.
The front bottom (without fringes) is approximately 6" shorter than the back (without fringes).
It has a closed woven pattern.
The interior is soft and flat to the touch.
It's from a stylist's inventory.
She purchased the only two they had from a store in Mexico last December.
The models wore them for a short period of time for a photo shoot in Mexico.
side to side across shoulder (with fringes) 37 1/2"
side to side bottom 33"
neckline opening 12 1/2" side to side
neckline to top side 16"
side length (without fringes) 28"
side neckline to front bottom (without fringes) 32"
back top to bottom (without fringes) 38"
Item # 2005496
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