tribal head onyx necklace
This vintage handmade onyx necklace is strung on a black cord which is tied in a knot at the end.
There are 29 beads on each side of the dangling ornament.
The bottom onyx ornament is a (tribal) man's head (the face has carved features) and headdress.
It is attached to the necklace by a metal ring.
The onyx is in a light vanilla-lime multi-tone color.
The "head" is in the same multi-tone bead color with accent lines in dark lime, light butter-cream, and dark gray and light taupe-gray.
It is somewhat heavy because of the onyx.
It can be worn by either a man or a woman.
It's from a South American model.
She sold it because it was a Christmas present from her (now-ex) boyfriend.
13 1/8" hanging downward
beads 11 1/4" hanging downward
head 1 5/8" high by 7/8" at its widest
beads 3/8" diameter
Item # 1816393
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