5 child-themed barrettes
These five vintage barrettes are plastic with metal closures.
There are two panda bears with pink bow ties and blue, red, and yellow balloons.
Some of the color is missing from the balloons.
There is a white and yellow cat in a blue rowboat, and two Cabbage Patch Kids (little girls) in green and yellow dresses with yellow shoes.
On the back of the Cabbage Patch Kids it says © 1983 OAA Inc. H. Eldon Ltd. VN CA.
They're from a stylist's inventory.
They were used in photo shoots and movies on child models and child actresses.
pandas 1" high by 1 1/4" wide
Cabbage Patch Kids 1 5/8" high by 1" wide
boat and cat 1" high by 1 1/4" wide (with 2 1/8" wide bar)
Item # 1403336
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