Coach belt, size L
This light brown (see the last picture for a more accurate color) Coach belt was handcrafted in Costa Rica of glove-tanned cowhide.
It has a solid brass curved gold-tone buckle and prong.
The leather is soft and pliable and there are two leather belt loops.
It has a slight line indentation behind the last hole and two slight diagonal line indentations behind the last hole (one 3/4" behind it and the other 2 1/2" behind it).
It says size L on the medium brown leather lining.
It's from a larger size model.
She sold it because she needed the money.
38 1/4" long by 1 3/8" wide
1st hole 35 1/4", last hole 31 1/4"
5 holes
Item # 0212180
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